Technical solutions for your coffee shop business

At the Coffee Clinic we offer the expertise to keep your equipment functioning at its best and your espresso tasting great.

Espresso Machine Servicing and Repairs

From a routine check over to emergency repairs we can keep the heart of your business in great shape.

Repairs & Servicing

Espresso Machine PSSR 2000 Inspection

Having a valid PSSR 2000 test is important for your business. Find out more about inspections below.

PSSR 2000 Inspections

Espresso Machine Training

Learn how to get the best from your equipment with our training courses for new owners, new staff and refresher courses.

Espresso Machine Training

Commercial Coffee Machine Installation

If you need help installing your coffee machine to your premises, we can help you every step of the way from plumbing to commissioning

Espresso Machine Installation

Merrychef Oven Repairs & Servicing

If you need a routine service or are experiencing issues with your Merrychef commercial oven, we would be happy to assist you

Merrychef Oven Repairs

Refurbished Espresso Machines

Professionally maintained second hand equipment for your coffee shop. See what we have in stock.

Refurbished Espresso Machines